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Independent Medical Assessment Firms Can Help

Independent Medical Assessments
If your company is self-insured, you may be seeking a partnership with a medical assessment company. Independent medical assessments may be necessary in situations where an employee is unable to perform their usual job due to injury or illness. Specialists can also assess an individual's mental and physical abilities (Independent Functional Abilities Evaluations) as well as assessing the energy levels and skills required to perform their regular occupation (Independent Physical Demands Analysis.) They can recommend adaptations to help workers transition back to their regular duties (Independent Ergonomic Analysis.) These doctors and other professionals may make recommendations about therapies and treatments, assess whether or not current treatments are working, and identify any pre-existing or underlying conditions that may be present.
Fields in which assessments or independent medical evaluations (IMEs) are usually made include:
  • Independent Neuro-Psycho Vocational Evaluations
  • Independent Physiotherapy Evaluations
  • Independent Rheumatology Examinations
  • Independent Oral and Maxillofacial Examinations
  • Independent Chiropractic Evaluations
  • Independent Orthopedic Examinations
  • Independent Neurology Examinations
  • Independent Physiatry (Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation) Examinations
  • Independent Psychiatric Evaluations
  • Independent Psychology Examinations
  • Independent Psycho-Vocational Evaluations
  • Transferable Skills Analyses
  • Independent Social Work Evaluations
Reports that follow these evaluations must be precise, use correct medical terminology, and be legally defensible. They must also meet various provincial standards and guidelines, including time-sensitive deadlines. Choose a national organization that has a reputation for accuracy and objectivity, confidentiality and respect for clients and employees.
The best companies emphasize working with employees in order to achieve an early and safe return to the workplace whenever possible.
Other Services Available
Good managers realize that preventing workplace accidents is better than dealing with the after-effects of an incident. This is why some firms place a premium on education. Custom workshops can help to educate your workers about safety and illness prevention. Many companies, for example, hold a fall Flu Clinic, where workers can receive a flu vaccination and reminders about how to prevent the spread of illness. It's been shown that these types of clinics reduce flu-related absenteeism.
Other preventive measures can include screening programs. Screening for high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels, for example, can save lives. These two "invisible” conditions can, if left unchecked, lead to heart attacks and strokes, both of which can require extensive rehabilitation and recuperation times, or can even cause death. Screening programs for drug and alcohol dependence can identify which of your employees needs help to combat addiction. Drug and alcohol issues can have a negative impact on every aspect of an individual's life, including their relationships with clients and fellow employees.
Putting help in place for employees is another way to ensure that your workers have the ability to overcome personal problems that may spill over into the workplace. Employee Assistance Plans, or EAPs, are a way to provide your employees with access to confidential counseling in order to help them combat problems such as marital discord, grief, or substance abuse.
Partnering for Success
With the right medical assessment company as your partner, you can maximize the mental, physical, and social health of your workplace. Contact a reputable national company today and discover the benefits of collaborating with experts in this field.
Ask questions, share knowledge and experience to earn Z points.
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